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  • Seat Belt Reminder, Wireless Backseat Alert System for Booster and Car Seats Australia

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    Seat Belt Safety For Kids

    Ensure your kids are safe while you are driving

  • Revolutionary Wireless Seatbelt reminder Melbourne, Kids Safe Victoria

    Revolutionary Child Seat Belt Reminder

    The first of its kind worldwide, ensuring your kids are always buckled up

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    Backseat Safety for Kids

    Never look back to check on your kids with this life changing device

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We are so driven to ensure buckle me up™ is in every car for parents with kids aged 4 to 12, that we are offering huge savings for parents with $139.50 off the buckle me up™! This is a limited offer so get in quick. It’s as easy to install as an e-Tag. If you are not satisfied with the product just send it back within 30 days from delivery for your money back. Click the link to view our special offer.

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Focus on the Road. buckle me up™ will alert you when your kids unbuckle in the backseat.

Thousands of parents across Australia take their eyes off the road to check on their children in the backseat. In fact children are 12 times more distracting than using a mobile phone. The buckle me up™ child seat belt reminder will alert you when your child unbuckles. Once alerted you can take action to ensure your child is safe again, leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead.

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who is buckle me up™ for?

buckle me up™ is designed for children who are either in a booster seat or old enough to sit in the backseat in a standard adult lap-sash belt.

According to the Government’s Child Restraint Guidelines, recently legislated this includes:

Booster seat: Children 4 to 7 years old.
Adult lap-sash belt: Children 7 to 12 years old (or 145cm and taller).

So please be aware, buckle me up™ is not for infants and toddlers in
rear-facing capsules and forward-facing harness restraint car seats.

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Child Seat Belt Reminder Australia

buckle me up™ keeps your kids safely buckled up at all times, leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead. Just set, click and forget.

The buckle me up™ is easy to install and has many benefits for both you and your kids. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your kids are always buckled up leaving you free to focus on driving. buckle me up™ can be fitted to all rear seats of passenger cars, the cartridges are simply attached on to the seat belt casing and the dash-mounted unit is attached to your dash board. It’s as easy to install as an e-Tag.

Drive Safe Australia

Make sure you are focused on the road without distraction from the backseat. Drive safe Australia.

Install Like an e-TAG

Install buckle me up™ just like an e-Tag! Click here for our guide to set up and operate.

Wireless Seat Belt Alert

The wireless technology makes the buckle me up™ easy to install, with no cables or cords.

Children's Seat Belts

Always have peace of mind knowing your kids are buckled safely in the back seat while you are driving.

Stop Being Distracted

It’s a fact that kids in the car are 12 times more distracting than talking on a mobile phone.

Keep Your Family Safe

With buckle me up™ you can protect your precious cargo, knowing that if they do unbuckle you will be alerted.

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  • Child Safety Car Safe, Car Protection, Car Insurance, Protect Your Kids Sydney NSW
    This product is great. It is easy to set up and makes me feel happy about buckling my 5 year old into the car knowing that it will let me know the second she unbuckles.
    Melanie Graham 5/5
  • Road Safety Instruction Kids, Protect Your Children, Easy Installation Melbourne Victoria Australia
    I was amazed to see how easy it was to install this product. It didn’t take long to do and is so easy to use. Now I know when my children are in the car they are safely buckled up for the whole trip.
    Chris 5/5
  • Baby Seats, Baby Safety in Cars, Keeping Babies Safe Adelaide South Australia
    buckle me up™ has really transformed the way I drive because I’ve got that complete peace of mind knowing that the kinds are safe. I’m not turning around checking my rearview mirror every 20 seconds.
    Lucy, Mother of Four 5/5

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Revolutionary Wireless Backseat Alert System

Easy to install | A seat belt alert system for kids

Drive Safe, Child Safe, Road Death Toll, Seat Belts Save Lives Melbourne Victoria

In Australia, font seat alert systems have become the norm in almost all cars, however no legislation currently exists that demands backseat seat belt alerts. Only 10% of the 13 million cars in Australia currently have a backseat device installed, an alarming figure when you consider that children, often in the backseat, are most at risk in serious and minor accidents. Furthermore drivers and passengers not wearing a seat belt are 10 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident. These statistics are alarming as the most at risk are your children, not fully understanding the consequences of unbuckling (Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety, Queensland, 2012).

buckle me up™ is a solution that will keep your kids safe, put your mind at rest as well as being simple to install. Trial it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied with buckle me up™ you can return it within the 30 day period with no charge.

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Keeping Your Kid's In Their Seat Belts

Ensure your children stay buckled up

Distracted Drivers, Drive, Driving Instruction, Driver Training Perth Western Australia

The Advantages of the buckle me up™ are twofold: it advises the driver when backseat passengers, likely to be children, undo their seat belts; and allows the driver to fully focus on the road in front of them, making the car trip even safer. Research shows that children in the backseat of a car can be 12 times more distracting than talking on a mobile phone. On average, parents will take their eyes off the road for 3 minutes and 22 seconds over a 16 minute trip. That’s 21% of the trip spent with your eyes off the road, distracted (Monash University Accident Research Centre, 2012/13). buckle me up™ is the first product of its kind to provide a real solution to these problems.

buckle me up™ will ensure that you will ‘never look back’, its specifically made for the backseat and booster seats in your car. We are 100% Australian owned and manufactured and our product has undergone rigorous research and testing to develop a world first, high quality, life saving device.

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Child safety with buckle me up™

How can the buckle me up™ keep your kids safe?

Drive Safe, Child Safe, Road Death Toll, Seat Belts Save Lives Melbourne Victoria

At buckle me up™ we want to ensure that no child gets needlessly injured in a car accident by ensuring that kids are always buckled up. A survey of 378 parents reported that just around half of their children had managed to unbuckle their seat belt at some point (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2011). Often parents don’t realise until the end of the trip that their child has unbuckled themselves. No parent wants any harm to come to their child, which is why we constantly reinforce the importance of wearing seat belts. Unfortunately this often doesn’t get through until kids are older. If kids are uncomfortable or they drop something, they will often undo their belts without a second thought.

That is where buckle me up™ comes in, alerting parents when their child unbuckle their belts. Kids are still learning and developing, so while we can forgive them for unbuckling, buckle me up™ means that you will never drive with an unbuckled child again.

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A Seat Belt Safety Device for Your Children

Backseat and Booster Seat Child Seat Belt Reminder

Booster Seat Safety | Seat Belt Alert For Minors | Safer Driving

Drive safe with the buckle me up™ wireless seat belt reminder.
50% of parents say that their child has unbuckled while the car is moving.
76.4% of drivers say they are distracted by their kids,
looking through the rear view mirror and even turning around.
buckle me up™ ensures parents "never look back".
Save $139.50 on the buckle me up™ today! Click below

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Seat Belt & Booster Seat Safety Alert Device

Easy to install and use, there's no reason not to use the buckle me up™ in your vehicle. If offers parents peace of mind while driving, ensuring your child remains in their seat. Today for only $49.50! That's a huge saving of $139.50 off the original $189 price! But hurry this is a limited offer.Try it today! View our special offer.

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Benefits of Seat Belt Reminders For Kids

Child seat belt alert | Benefits for kids & parents

With our special offer of only $99.00 for the buckle me up™ device, there's never been a better time to buy. It is proven, seat belts save lives, order your buckle me up™ today and ensure you never look back. buckle me up™ is dedicated to keeping kids safe and saving lives.

Seat Belt Alert System

Hear the beeps | ensure your kids are strapped in with the wireless beeping system.

Visual Seat Belt Alert

See the flashes | the buckle me up™ will flash if it senses anyone has undone their seat belt.

Car Backseat Safety

With front seat alerts common practice, ensure you have the backseat covered too for your children.

Australian Made & Owned

buckle me up™ is fully Australian owned and manufactured, passing rigorous Australian quality testing.

Seat Belt Reminder

We believe that each and every car should have both front and backseat seat belt alert systems.

Booster Seat Safety

The buckle me up™ also has the ability to make sure that booster seats stay secure when you are unable to check.

Full Video Ad

View our full ad! buckle me up™ protects both you and your kids from road dangers

At buckle me up™ we believe in keeping children safe. We know parents want to keep their precious children safe from harm which is why we have developed the buckle me up™. As you can see in the video below, a lot of time and effort has gone into making sure this product is efficient and effective. We believe the buckle me up™ has the ability to change the way children consider car safety, learning that it’s never ok to undo their seat belts.

Do not take the chance with your precious cargo. buckle me up™ ensures your kids are always safe in the car. With the development of new technologies such as phones, tablets and handheld gaming devices, kids are unbuckling more and more. When kids drop something, their first thought is to pick it up, undoing their seat belts in the process. Often they then won’t buckle back up when they get back in their seats. They spend the rest of the journey unbuckled and unsafe. With the buckle me up™ you no longer have to worry about your kids unbuckling under your nose. buckle me up™ alerts you when your kids unbuckle to pick up that toy or gaming device, so you can get them back in their seat belts as quickly as possible.

We are passionate about our products ability to save lives, which is why we are offering it at a cut price of just $49.50. Originally $189 that’s over $139.50 of the normal price. We are also offering free delivery and a money back guarantee, if you don’t like the product, send it back within 30 day and we will give you your money back. The buckle me up™ has ability to save the lives of your children when you cannot be checking on them.

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